Nokia is rolling out a new design to its website


Nokia has always been known for its phones. The company today is rolling out a new website design for the benefit of its fans which has been long pending after the reorganization of the company.

The new rebranded website comes with a new menu which brings to you tabs starting with consumers and then moving on to business and more.

As always has been the case with Nokia, it has always kept its customers and fans first and that trend continues with its new website that the first tab dedicated to its customers and fans.

The first tab is for the company’s fans with links for its mobile phones, Audio tech and health. You will be able to get all the details pertaining to the companies Android phones and their pricing, specs and more.

Next comes the business section which provides you with links for networks, media and also health solutions.

The third tab takes you to the Innovation part which contains the link for Nokia Bell Labs. The fourth tab, About us, shows you the details of the Investors in a dedicated section and also users will find the latest prices of the Nokia’s Stocks at the New York and Helsinki Stock exchanges.

However the details of the company’s stocks had been there earlier but now you will find a more dedicated section under About Us, if you are looking to know the stock price of the company.

The latest rebranded website is already up and running and you can be able to view it by going to Do let us know your thoughts on the new website in the comments section below.