New sketch shows off Nokia 10 ‘rotating’ penta-lens camera design and it’s not ugly

Nokia Lumia 1020

I still recall the old days when Microsoft’s Windows Phones held the torch for mobile photography, as all the Lumia phones featured the impressive camera tech with the perfect combination of aperture, lens quality, megapixels and ISO. Nokia produced phones with quality, and even the new Nokia, backed by HMD Global Oy is looking to launch a phone with Penta-lens camera design.

We recently reported about Nokia 10, HMD’s upcoming mobile device with a camera similar to Lumia 1020. Unlike the concepts, the Nokia 10 with Penta-lens seems wouldn’t look ugly and the module may still look like a dual-lens camera setup, claims a reliable source from Baidu.

HMD is actually planning to hide some lens inside the module, and the camera would rotate to come in the focal path of a fixed dual-lens with a changed focus lens, enabling possibilities of better imaging solutions in different light conditions. HMD recently patented rotating camera tech for phones, and in the patent, the company explains:

The invention relates to a miniature zoom camera which can be used especially in mobile phones. The invention is based on the object to provide a zoom camera, which realizes at a low depth in the direction of the optical axis of the optical system, sufficiently good image quality and a comparatively large zoom range“.

Nokia 10 is inspired by Lumia 1020, though it will be slightly modified to deliver best imaging solutions, the rumours recently confirmed that the phone might come with a shooter combining a five-lens camera and two LED flash. Just like any flagship Android, Nokia 10 will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor.