Messenger Kids gets new features in latest update

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Facebook launched Messenger Kids in United States a year ago especially for Kids. The Social Media Giant had to face a lot of backlash from parents, child development experts to shut down the app.

The Messenger Kids application was basically introduced keeping in mind the children who would be able to learn things by  using the application apart from keeping themselves in constant touch with their friends and family especially in a digital world like today when lot of things happen with the help of technology.

With the Messenger Kids application, both the parents are given control of their child’s profile through their Facebook account. The app already has been designed keeping in view with the policies of Children’s Online and Privacy Protection Act.

The app was launched in United States last year and has now made its appearance in two more countries Canada and Peru. Messenger Kids is a safe app for children who like to have a chat with their friends and family. Along with having conversation with their friends and family members the app also teaches them some etiquette’s which are followed in our daily routine.

Facebook is expected to launch the Kids app in more countries in the coming weeks. The application after the latest update now has a new option Pledge. The new option teaches the kids to be respectful, kind, safe along with having fun.

Another new feature that has been introduced is a new set of photo stickers which teach children kindness towards others. Facebook plans to introduce some more new features in the coming updates to the Messenger Kids application.

One of the main feature that Facebook plans to introduce is Appreciation Mission which provides kids ways to express appreciation for their friends and family. Going forward the Social Media giant will be introducing many new features based on the feedback given by the parents.