Google releases Measure App for all ARCore devices

Image Courtesy: Google

Google today released its Measure App for all of its ARCore devices. The company first debuted its Measure app pre loaded on some Tango devices.

Tango used the motion tracking cameras and depth sensors which allowed the phone to find the virtual objects precisely. However over a period of time the hardware requirements for Tango were not enough to make it a success.

At this time is when Google debuted its ARCore which is similar to Apple’s ARKit. The ARCore is now supported by many of the latest Android phones without using the sensors which are available outside the devices.

The Measure App which supports ARCore works on most of the recent Android devices like the Google Pixel, Galaxy S9, OnePlus 6 and more. However the smartphones should have the ARCore framework app installed on their devices.

With the Measure app you will be able to check the width and height by dragging it into the frame. The accuracy of the Measure app can be said to be within half an inch. However there is still a lot of work to be done for ARCore to become as polished and accurate as Tango.

Google’s job could be said to be a bit easier since ARCore is found on almost all of its latest Android phones and most of the phones now come with the power of Augmented Reality. You can download the Measure App from the Google Play Store and it is available for free.